1. This little guy is on it’s way to Sweden! #dalecarlianhorse

  2. Kitty Pride emerges.

  3. Cats layer complete. Now onto the X-Women!

  4. "It ain’t a name, darlin’—it’s a haircut." #wolverine #skint

  5. What’s up, bub? Hoping to finish this little guy tomorrow. #skint

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  6. Working on something for One-Shot Gallery’s ‘Daughters of The Atom’ show.

  7. My self-imposed art vacation has concluded. Can’t wait to make new things and devise new adventures with Tate the Tater.

  8. The story of #tatethetater has been told. (Regram from @themersk!)

  9. Animating moles. 

  10. Silhouettes.

  11. Storyboarding. 

  12. Trying out Dr. Ph. Martin’s Black Star Matte ink. It’s glorious so far.

  13. It begins! 

  14. The Ballad of Bly & Tate. 

  15. A quick look at what I’ve been working on these past three weeks.